In this post I would like to show you the sense of matrixes in the company FutureNet. I will explain how it works step by step. This post has been created after few questions like “why it’s worth to have them”. Take it easy, I don’t want to sell anything here because I know that matrixes are connected with active building  of business and not waiting for “parachuters”. I will show you why it can be very profitable for you.

1. What exactly are matrixes and what bonuses we can get?

I explain matrixes as buying shares in the company FutureNet, which entitles you to achieve adequate bonuses. We have 6 matrixes and can be various, depending on the amount. There are matrixes for $10,$25, $50, $100,$500, $1000. Here is a 3x3 system up to the 10th level, so in the first level we can have 3 partners and the others go higher in our or our partners’ free places, from left to right.

For each of those matrixes we get Media Points, which we can exchange for online products, buy cheaper products branded with FutureNet logo or even buy cheaper coffee in the FutureNet cafe.

The most important are bonuses which we get:

1.Friends Bonus

We get 5% from every person who goes to our position in matrix and it can be our direct, indirect person or totally random “parachuter”.

2. Matching Bonus

It’s an additional bonus from the company for building of the structure and our direct partners. It depends on the matrix which we have. From our direct partner who earns commission from Friends Tree Bonus, we can get an additional provision from 10-50% of his income.

The optimal version of the matrix for those who want to actively build this business will be  $100 matrix. This is mainly due to the fact that we get 50% Matching Bonus (active building of the matrix instead of waiting for “parachuters” maybe very cost-effective for us).

I’m giving here an example: Let’s say that you showed this business to Artur. Artur bought every matrix up to $100, so he spent $185 (you have to buy smaller to achieve bigger).

Therefore, from each matrix purchased by Artur, both of you get 5% Friends Bonus. Let’s say Artur likes the business and he registered 3 people also on the $100 matrix. For each of partners, you and Artur will receive 5% and additionally you will get Matching Bonus of 50%. So, if Artur earned from his direct referrals turnover $100, you would get $50 bonus for that. So it is worth building the business and having an active package.

3.Leader Bonus

Leader bonus is for people who actively build their structures and they did proper turnover for the company. With Leader Bonus you can achieve your income from the whole structure without limit in depth, from the 1st level to infinity.

The percentage of your income depends on your qualifications. If your personal partner also qualifies for Leader Bonus, then you earn % difference between levels.

Example: If you qualify for 4% Leader Bonus and your personal partner qualifies for 2% Leader Bonus, then you earn 2% with no limit on the levels! From the remaining groups, you still earn 4% of their turnover. Depending on turnover and qualification of our partners at certain levels, we may receive 1 to 7% of the pool in the World Pool.

4. Prizes

Another extra bonus which can motivate us to building a business are material rewards from mobile phones to tours and cars. It’s just a brief show of bonuses. If you want to know more, you can check the marketing plan:

Will I earn on matrixes?

I’m going to start by explaining you why people keep buying matrixes, whereas they could earn just on AdPacks in a much simple way (see for more information).

You do not have to buy the matrix at first, but if you make money with FutureAdPro (FAP) you will have them. Why?

Firstly, 5% of FAP during payouts goes to FutureNet, where the matrixes are automatically purchased. Hence, you can wait until you get the amount from withdrawals and then you will buy the matrix anyway.

On the other hand, we can lose bonuses. If you have people directly registered from your link, and you don’t want to build the matrixes but your partners will want to do that, they can buy a higher position than you have and then you will lose that person in such position.

Ok, again on the example: we have the matrix for $50 and in the matrix $10, $25, $50 we have our partners, but one person bought the matrix for $100 earlier than we did – then in this matrix we lose that person and related bonuses such as friends bonus and matching bonus. When we purchase a higher position, people can return back to us. Let’s remember that when you withdraw money from  FAP, 5% goes to the matrix. So, if the partners have a lot of capital, they will fall into the matrixes of other people or us. So it depends from us, how quickly and dynamically we want to build the business.

Another motivation to have matrixes is the cryptocurrency FuturoCoin, which has already been mined in the amount of 30 million coins. Later will be distributed after the November 24 event in Macau, China between the partners with the Royal Matrixes, 50 FuturoCoin for each of them. In addition, partners will receive up to 5 FuturoCoins for each direct partner with a Royal position, from partners in the whole structure – 1 FuturoCoin, and a certain amount of coins depending on the time of possession of the highest matrix. There also will be a marketing system associated with the matrixes and cryptocurrency, details of which we will know after the event.

Why is it so much motivation for people?

First of all, if someone knows a little bit about the history of the cryptocurrency and remember how it was with Bitcoin, will understand it more.. I do not intend to write here, because you can find many books about this topic. I just want to mention that Bitcoin cost a few cents at the beginning, and now is more than 5000 $.

FuturoCoin will start with community of 2 million active users. These people will buy FuturoCoin even because of discount to buy a car at a much lower price, which will be paid with FuturoCoin. So the prize of FuturoCoin can rise a lot.

How will it really be? At this point, it is hard to tell now, but for those involved in the business building, the cryptocurrency has certainly become an additional motivator. Here watch a video about it

Technical side of matrixes

Purchase of matrixes

If you do not know anything about technical purchase of matrixes or their back office, I will try to add some explanations here. Firstly, how to buy a matrix when we first log in to the system and do not use FutureAdPro.

  1. We sign up from the affiliate link of our partner and enter the FutureNet community platform.
  2. We go to the back office of matrixes.

3. We buy a matrix with the button “upgrade” (I have up to $100, so I can do it with the matrix for $500). Remember that you can tick the box to automatically purchase another matrix from your withdrawals in FutureAdPro. If you do not check it, the matrixes will be purchased from the beginning (for example, you would have two matrices at $10 instead of going to higher levels).


We can buy matrixes by different methods.
A frequently selected payment method is simply Bitcoin (you can buy it using various stock exchange) because of speed of transactions and smaller commissions than bank transfers. An interesting solution, which I often use, are the codes in FutureNet, where we have several options to choose from:

* add founds on your FutureNet account and then buy a matrix
* the second field visible in the image is the money deposited from the payout to purchase a matrix
* third option is to buy a matrix if someone generates a code for us with the right amount of $$$. Our partner can generate a code from FutureNet account or a FutureAdPro code at any value and it can be for example $14.

  • There I show how it looks like when we generate codes from FutureAdPro. We go to the „business” tab, then „codes”, „generate code”, and by entering the appropriate amount and confirming by the e-mail we can create a code for given amount. You have to remember that  5 %of withdrawal going to matrixes.


I will show you now how the panel looks like when we have a matrix.On e of the main tabs that can be operated is the „commission”. You can analyze your commissions, which we receive from the company for active building of the business. If we run a company we can download the invoice for the purchase of the matrix.

You can buy matrixes at once and build them for a long time. It is you who decides how you want to develop in the company. There are many opportunities. It depends on how much you want to earn and involve in the developing business. By the way I hope that somehow I have helped you.