Do you have own website or you are in network marketing? Are you looking for different methods for marketing and you don’t want to spend too much?


I will describe here one of the methods, which you can use for your adverts and earn on it.

As entrepreneurs we are aware that when we know how to sell a product, we can sell almost everything. That is why it is so important to cut cost which we spend on one client and decrease money spent on advertising.

How marketing works?

Regarding the Internet, we can use different types of adverts and marketing based on social media. Also by building a position of our website in Google.

To achieve a higher position for organic results, very important factor is a number of visitors and of course valuable content for users.

To achieve a higher position for organic results, very important factor is a number of visitors and of course valuable content for users.

First challenge is to get a lot of people which would be interested in our offer.

Here the resolution, which I use myself, is advertising on the portal FutureAdPro.  We can put adverts of our websites. I will describe you here how it looks like.

An advert of our website is displaying on the portal FutureAdPro. Thanks to this, users have the occasion to look at our offer and they can decide if they go directly to see the website.

Why I wrote that we can earn on it?

The main bonus is the fact that we get profits for the advertising service. In this case, to get views of adverts, we buy the service named Advertising Package which costs $50. Instead of AdPack you get 800 views to your website and about 1% daily profits from the pack. After about 120 days we have 120% revenue on one pack and when the pack does $60, it is closed.

5% from every pack goes to special advertising account and you can buy there additional views for websites or subscription (I will write about it later).

Another 5% during withdrawal goes to matrixes, which you buy automatically and they give as an additional way of earning money (another post will explain you how it works

To achieve commission we have to watch 10 adverts daily every 24 hours, which takes us literally 10 minutes. We do the work and when someone watches our adverts, we also have to do it to keep positioning other companies in the Google browser. We can choose adverts, which titles suit us the most.

The money which are gathered on your account, you can withdraw at every moment or buy an additional AdPack . There are no limits for withdrawal.

Thanks to FutureAdPro you can build an extra source of income and effectively support your own business. I recommend you to try this possibility and the effectiveness you can check by the websites like

What’s more, you can target your adverts to determine your group of recipients in terms of gender, age, language and country.

I know that mainly you focused on the possibility of advertising but I will show you also different strategies to earn on packages.
Actually the strategy can be different for anyone and you can choose the best and decide how much you want to earn. I show you here how I achieve my calculations and how the calculator works.


Commission-based system

People who want to earn more by sharing this information with others, they can use commission-based system.  Here are great news that you can earn a lot without recommending anything. But if you want to earn more, you can do it. The situation here looks like this:

So you can buy subscription, but you do not have to. Then of course you get extra bonuses from partners below in your organisation:


  • 8%=4$ commission from partners on the 1st level
  • 4%=2$ commission from partners on the 2nd level
  • 1%=1,5$ commission from partners on the 3rd level
  • 1%=1,5$ commission from partners on the 4th level

1%=1,5$ commission from partners on the 5th level

Now, when you leave your e-mail address here, I will send you the calculator, where you can check how it works and whether working with our platform would be profitable for you.

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